Last week Friday I woke up thinking I needed more excitement in my life. I thought to myself, life has settled into too much of a routine. Everything was too mundane.It’s work, school, study, work at home, work, chat (if I’m lucky) work work work… catch my drift. During the weekend its hockey, then drinks then missing hockey. So I thought, being the genius that I am, that this was way too boring for me. I even posted on facebook that I wanted excitement. Boy did I get it.

On Sunday I scooted off to my hockey game. I was particularly excited. I always look forward to my games. I was ready to kick some butt….my game lasted all of 3minutes. Somehow I thought kissing a hockey ball in full flight was a great idea. It really wasn’t the other girl’s fault but nothing is quite as humbling as covering your mouth as pieces of your teeth fall out. My eyes must have been tightly shut because I have no visual memories of the first few minutes after the hit. I could feel the pieces of my teeth in my mouth. I heard someone tell me to sit down. I heard someone else asking “are you ok”. I thought that was an exceptionally stupid question but what else could she say. Th next voice was calm and said “let me see”. I said No very clearly. I opened my eyes then and walked off the field. I sat on the sideline, then I lay down. My hand remained remained firmly over my mouth. Then a male voice said “sweetie, I’m a doctor, let me see.” I shook my head. My coach “sweetie he can help.” Finally I let go and he looked. Its not so bad, he said. The swelling is only to be expected. Are you on medical aid? I nodded. I felt no pain. My hands were shaking. I sat on the sideline and watched the game whilst i texted someone to come and pick me up. They did.

I finally looked in a mirror. HOLY CRAP!!!!! what on earth did he mean it wasnt bad! I looked like duck-wing duck!! I could have clapped with those lips. The teeth! Oh God! My front teeth.

3days later, I look in the mirror and I look normal. My new teeth look very real. I’m truly impressed by the skill dentists have nowadays. I do think I finally understand why a visit to the dentist terrifies most people. Did I mention this was my first visit to a dentist? The light in your eyes, the drilling noise, the goggles. But I endured it happily….I was getting new teeth. How exciting!!!