multi faceted shoes by Le Creative Sweatshop

Multi faceted – Having multiple facets; Having many aspects; nuanced or diverse

One of my sisters described me as multi faceted the other day. In the same breath she added, “though you hardly show it.” When I say the other day, I mean months ago. It’s only now that I have truly applied my mind to what she said to me in an effort to understand it.

She is right, I have many faces and aspects. So much so that some are somewhat contradictory. Weird is a word that has very commonly been used to describe me for as long as I can remember. I have never taken offence to the use of the word because if I find myself difficult to understand therefore others must feel the same.

I have travelled a little in my life…..not nearly enough though. But travelling has a way of opening your eyes….allowing you to view the same thing from a different perspective and see it like you have never seen it before. It is fascinating to see Africa through the eyes of those who know nothing about it. To experience a culture you have always heard of and discover half of what you have heard is untrue…even better is when the stereotypes are fulfilled. I have experienced what its like to want for nothing and I have experienced what it is to want for everything. I am a sports person and I’m devoted to my hockey and my teammates. I hate the gym so I don’t go and I don’t have a subscription. Instead I use the money to buy shoes. I love high heeled shoes. I love the way they make me feel. Playing for my previous hockey club they called me ‘beast.’ I never really liked the nickname but it came from a good place so I accepted it. After our game yesterday the coach said “this girl has a set of nuts on her like you can not believe.” I thought that was very funny. Especially placed next to the fact that I love shoes, earrings (I have jewellery box in my drawer at the office in case I forget to put them on on my way to work) and fashion. I frequent fashion websites and blogs just to see what’s potting. At the same time I’m not trendy. In fact I particularly dislike the summer and winter shoe styles for 2011/2012. I prefer the simple, elegant and timeless look (expect when I go for hockey practise because then I just go wild with colour. For some odd reason it makes me happy). I don’t like makeup but I love eye liner. I am extremely and somewhat harshly critical of myself and shy which is at odds with the fact that I can be very chatty and generally have no trouble striking up and carrying on conversation with anyone from a taxi driver to the managing partner at the office. I love colour but most of my clothes are black. I have an opinion about everything. I love books. I hate studying but I’m on to my second degree (a Masters) and I have already applied for my third. I love socialising but I love being alone. There is something about being alone and the silence that pleases my spirit. I am a Christian but I don’t particularly like going to Church but I go all the same. I walk a lot. I enjoy it. I like scarves. I’m fascinated by African politics. I love African fashion but I haven’t figured out how to make it work for me. African music and I have a love-hate relationship. I’m not an emotionally expressive person. It’s very hard for me. I barely respond to physical pain. I feel it but I just take it. This is mainly because when people gather to find out if you are OK, I find it embarrassing. Its sweet but I just want the ground to swallow me whole….so I just don’t show it when I’m hurt. I like wine but it doesn’t agree with me. I’m a flirt. I am extremely career oriented and I want to be at the top of the corporate ladder. I admire women who are at the top, have babies and husbands and make it all work. I hate babies and generally sneak away when women start talking about babies. I’m told it will change when I have my own. I grew up in tiny semi-rural areas and I went to an all girls mission (convent) school run by nuns but when people speak to me they assume I went to private schools and grew up overseas *chuckles.* Up until I was 17 I thought I would be a nun. I was sure it was my calling. I love cats. I try to blend in.

I have not covered half of the weird stuff that makes me who I am but I will stop because of an important realisation. No matter how weird or contradictory I am. I can only be happy by embracing who I am, enjoying what I do and disliking what I don’t. I must grab my multi faceted shoes with both hands, slip them on and walk in them because no one else can do it for me. It may be way more fun than blending in.

No doubt, I have plenty still to learn about me and about the world, I have many places still to visit, many friends still to be made, many to love, many mistakes to make, lots of laughter and tears and much more to do and I will do it all in my multi faceted shoes.