“The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.”
~ Douglas Engelbart

A couple of days ago I wore one of my favourite form-fitting dresses, sheer stockings and my new vintage style ankle boots. I thought I didn’t look too shabby. Of course, I was late for work as usual. I flew out of my apartment, grabbed my keys, work bag and hand bag. It’s only when I sat down at my desk that I realised that I had forgotten my lunchbox……and  I was starving. Normally we are so busy that one doesn’t really have the time to go out for lunch but I figured I would quickly dash out and be back before my boss realised I ever left. In the meantime, I drank five cups of tea (to keep my tummy busy) and clock watched. As soon as it was lunch time I hot footed it to the nearby mall. I had every intention of getting slap chips (my favourite food). At this juncture may I just say I have received so may lectures about my diet and I can gleefully say I have ignored every single one. OK maybe not, now I have four and not five sugars in my tea. Maybe one day I will have three…. but I digress.

May I just say I have never had any issues walking in high heeled shoes or staying in them all day. As a result, I think I had become a little over-confident and the universe decided to knock me down a notch. I mean who has time to check if a floor is polished or not before stepping on it. I most certainly didn’t and boy did I wish I had. Some over zealous employee at the Fish & Chip shop had polished the floor to within an inch of its life. As soon as I stepped on it….it was game over. My brain just had enough time to register that something was going awfully wrong before I hit the floor. It happened so fast but it felt like a lifetime. Like in the movie, the Matrix, when Neo dodges the bullets gracefully in slow motion. It was exactly like that but with none of the grace. It was more like flailing arms and a flying handbag and a look of surprise pasted on my face. And then to top it all off, there was that stunned silence when everyone in the shop stops dead in their tracks and just looks at you before breaking into a chorus of  “I’m so sorry. are you alright?”

In that moment of silence, the humour of the whole situation hit me and I burst into laughter. I got up and picked up my bag and continued my walk. I’m sure my reaction was a little unexpected because for a second everyone looked confused and then they all smiled broadly and the chorus began. Yes, I was OK. A little embarrassed but hey, life is full of moments like that and this one in particular was really quite funny.

Needless to say, I don’t rush around as fast in my stilettos anymore and I always grab my lunchbox first when I leave home….I think I may have just learnt a thing or two.