“sometimes knowing when to give up is a test of real character” ~ Annabelle Granger

Its been a rough couple of weeks but I’m finally here. I accept that the relationship has ended and I can not make him want to fix it. I accept it will take me time to heal but I will be OK. I accept that I have done some things wrong and I have done other things right. I accept imperfection in me. I accept imperfection in him. I accept I still have feelings for him but they will fade eventually. I accept I am heartbroken because I would have wanted it to work. I accept that things do not always happen as you want them to. I accept I have learnt a few lessons. I accept the possibility of meeting someone new. I accept the possibility of learning new things about myself.

I embrace the world and its opportunities and I put one high heeled shoe in front of the other knowing I never lose….either I win or I learn.