“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it” – Dany Kaye

Growing up I seriously disliked all things colourful. In my old age (I’m all of twenty-something now), I have found I’m quite the opposite. In a way, my colour preferences reflected my personality and nature and they still do. I was an extremely reserved child. I preferred reading to playing. I had a small circle of school friends that I barely visited at home. I loved talking to my mother about grown up stuff. Mum always made it a point to buy my sister and I the same outfits and I usually got the blue or black version. She got the reds and pinks. My younger sister was fiesty to say the least. I wanted to be the perfect child. My sole purpose was to stay out of trouble and to go about my business as inconspicuously as possible.
In high school I had no interest in boys or looking pretty. I progressed from blues and browns to black. Up until 21 90% of my wardrobe was black. I had quite a collection of black tops to be worn with my jeans. The trend continued into my first year at Varsity.
As I continued through Varsity in a foreign country, I slowly came to grips with being out of my comfort zone. After the initial reluctance to change I slowly started mingling and making new friends. I started trying out new things. I became a radio dj for the Varsity radio station. I started dating. I learnt I am outrageous flirt. I discovered looking good made me feel good. I discovered I could still do well academically and have a social life. I discovered there is such a thing as too much partying. I learnt that no matter what you are doing, you must always know when to stop. I learnt that there is always room to grow but your foundation must be solid or whatever you build will collapse on itself.
And as I spread my wings, so too my wardrobe started to pick up colour. I got my heart broken, I made mistakes, I learnt, I laughed, I cried, I grew and I never stopped.
Years later (2 weeks ago to be precise), I found myself in a clothing store and I bought pink shoes……and I love them. When my life flashes before my eyes…..it will be so much better if its in colour.