I know I’m late to the party but I have recently discovered fashion and style blogs and I love them. A lot of them are good but a couple stand out for me:

1. http://www.nusophisticate.com/

Jillian is an “attorney from 9-5, but a lover of all things fashionable and fabulous 24/7″… and she most definitely looks the part.

She appeals to me for a number of reasons including the fact that we have a similar body type and she gives real down to earth style advice. Chief amongst the reasons her blog appeals to me is that we are in the same profession and while there are many impressive blogs out there, there aren’t many that show you how to be stylish between 9am and 5pm (or in my case 8am and 4.30pm). I’m a huge fan of hers now and I’m sure I will become a tad more stylish every time she posts something. 

I also love the title of her latest blog post “She’s a Boss Because…..” I’m extremely ambitious and that title inspired me because I have no doubt I will be the boss one day and I plan to be stylish one.


Girlwithcurves appeals to me for a slightly different set of reasons. I love confident women. In a world where the stereotype for beauty is skinny, Tanesha stepped out and the woman is a stunner. She describes her mission as follows:

“I want to change lives through fashion, by promoting positive body-image, self-esteem and body-acceptance in the curvy community. Far too long has the plus size fashionista been left out of fashion, and made to think she can’t be fashionable. It’s time to create change, by making a statement that curves deserve style too!”

She has achieved all this and more.She inspires me to take myself to the next level. I’m in a male dominated profession where being young and female is a significant disadvantage but reading this blog I learnt that what the status quo tells you is a weakness may actually be your greatest strength. Not to mention the fact that I love her clothes and sense of style!

In South Africa they have a saying  “Wathinta umfazi, wathinta imbokotho.” It translates to “You strike a woman, you strike a rock.” I’m inspired by these women who have embraced the power of their femininity and use it to inspire others. May they continue to grow from strength to strength.