Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? ~ Job 12:12 The Bible

I have always been led to believe wisdom and age come together. My experience so far has been quite the opposite. It seems to me that sometimes age shows up all by itself in some people. In fact, some of the most useful pearls of wisdom I have received have come from my younger friends.

Over the weekend I had good food and company and I actually began to let my hair down a little. That’s something I had completely forgotten how to do. Letting my hair down involved a lot of talking, a lot of laughter, comedy shows and music. The topic of one of the many conversations I had was exes. A friend said that generally speaking, going back is the easy choice but not necessarily the right one. At the time it was said, I nodded my head in agreement because it was obvious that they were right but I didn’t really apply my mind to how profound that statement was. Its only much later when I replayed the conversation in my head (yes, I replay all conversations….all of them) that I realised just how much truth lay in that statement.

There are two reasons why I agree. The first is that many are scared to step into unfamiliar territory to find what they want. This is especially so when it comes to dating. After dating one person for a long time, you ask yourself a lot of questions….are you ready to start again?…. from scratch? Do you remember how to date? What if you never find someone else? The more dangerous questions being was he/she really that bad? Or would it really kill me to try a little harder? The easier choice will always be to stay one more day just so you can make sure. In most cases it’s not the right one.

The second reason is that the human mind is susceptible to selective amnesia. We remember what we want to remember about a person. I have seen this particular trait in many of my friends. I have no doubt that I too have been guilty of it at some point. It’s that phenomenon where people break up for very valid reasons but after a while those reasons can now be fully explained away or better yet…. are entirely forgotten. It is only after you are back with that person it all comes back to you. Its very amusing but I can never really laugh because people’s emotions are involved. All the same, it’s rather funny when a person is surprised that their significant other repeats the very same thing that caused the initial breakup…..they are the same person after all… just forgot.

The pearl of wisdom that set me on this path came from one of my younger friends and I cant help but think that a lucky few are born wise…. the rest of us must learn from experience.

By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established ~ Proverbs 24:3