“Guess who’s back? Back again? Shady is back. Tell a friend.” ~ eminem

I’m back from my Kenyan adventure, and boy what an adventure it was. I booked a return flight with Kenya Airways a.k.a KQ, against every Kenyan I know’s advice. They are all such prophets of doom *rolls eyes.* I was scheduled to travel on the 11th and the wedding was on the 12th of December. I remember the groom saying to me, “you booked KQ for the 11th! Good luck making the wedding!” I admit I was a little concerned but I figured que sera sera.

After the mandatory drama that befalls every person who doesn’t have a minute to spare on the day they are travelling, I made it to the airport on time. I had no trouble checking in and the KQ staff were efficient. Admittedly, they are not the warmest people. They all have a sort of luke warm barely polite smile. I suppose if I had to smile all day everyday at random strangers my spark might die too. But I do think they should take a leaf out of Delta Airlines’ book. Their staff are warm and friendly all the time.

In defiance of all predictions of delays and trauma, we boarded on time and were ‘a’ for away as scheduled. They served lunch….which tasted ‘interesting’ but there was an endless supply of drinks for which I was grateful. I imagine some passengers were more grateful than others given it was all you can drink free alcohol lol! With the delightful company I had, it was no time at all before we landed at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi.

Customs etc went quickly. Of course the yellow fever certificate is not negotiable so its important to keep it handy at all times. I encountered the grumpiest customs officer ever. I was determined to bully a hello out of him if it was the last thing I did. Gosh! It nearly was the last thing I ever did. He finally snapped/barked “fine” after my third “how are you.” *chuckles* I responded with a huge smile. He did not smile back but I’m sure the arctic thawed a little. Very little could get me down at that point.

Before I knew it, I was done and waiting to be picked up. My first impression of Kenya was the striking number of Safaricom Ads in the airport. I assume Safaricom is the biggest telecomms company in Kenya…..if they are not, then they must have the largest and most effective marketing team in Kenya. Believe me when I say they are in your face from the moment you arrive.

My friend came to pick me up and when she walked in, complete with a brand spanking new fiance, we made an unholy amount of noise, prompting everyone to stare and the said fiance to step back and pretend he didn’t know us LOL!

We were off to a delightful start…..

To be continued…