“Veni, Vidi, Vici” – Julius Ceaser

This past week I have been feeling inspired by lots of random things for reasons I can’t explain. I thought I would record some of those things here lest I forget for in memory (and on the world wide web) all beautiful things may be immortalised.

The song Beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande blows my mind. How can I not be moved when a person asks another to let down their guard, to let themselves be imperfect because that is the version of them they want to see. This song disarms me. Here’s a snippet of my favorite part.

‘Would you let me see beneath your beautiful
Would you let me see beneath your perfect
Take it off now boy, take it off now girl
Cause I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?”

My love for shoes is undeniable….they are my lovers and I am theirs.

Pretty things make a girl feel pretty….

“Some people dont understand. We have this special connection, books and I.”

 Sabina Karlsson ~ My hair crush

fashionl0ve:  http://fashionl0ve.tumblr.com/

Richard Gere ~  50 shades of Delectable…..

The book 50 shades of grey and the debate around this series of books has fascinated me no end…

iloveboxbraids:  Click the photo Stunning girl

ffncollector:  Nice legs and shoes :)

Ms Brittany Bass (the stunning girl pictured above in braids) has been the source of most of my inspiration this week. While sniffing around the net I came across her blogs and I love them.