“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”

I don’t know if the quote above is true in general but it is for me. Love is a quiet feeling that grows on me, touching every part of me….most times, without me ever realising it’s happening. It just dawns on me one day as I look at the face I have seen all along how much I love him. It’s a beautiful feeling when someone can make you laugh, smile, feel safe and at the same time can annoy you to distraction but knows just what to say to make you crack and smile at him.

It’s strange isn’t it, how those we love drive us nuts sometimes. When he doesn’t tell me I need to be ready to go somewhere and just announces we are going 30 minutes before. He doesn’t understand how long it takes me to put together the perfect look. Then he makes me tea just the way I like it and I forgive him. When he travels and brings me a divine bottle of red wine because he knows I will love it. When he takes me to watch a soccer game because I am a soccer fanatic. When he pretends not to hear what I’m saying because I am annoying him lol. When he gets all territorial (but pretends he isn’t) when he feels someone may be getting too familiar with me.When I take too long to get ready for church and he goes and grumpily sits in the car. The man can be dramatic. But I can see it in his eyes when he is impressed by the way I look. He’s comfortable with PDA and well…. I’m not. I plan and plan and plan….he goes with the flow. Prime fight material. Then he looks at my hands and notices I painted my nails and says your nail polish is pretty. How can I not forgive him. I could go on forever.

So this Valentine’s Day I want to say to you, in a very short space of time, and without realising it, I have fallen in love many times….every single time with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day….