“The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound.”  ~  Marshall McLuhan

I love my car. He (yes, it’s a he), just makes my life so much easier. He’s not fancy or anything. In fact, I would call him an A to B vehicle. He’s that car that you buy for utility and necessity rather than looks and swag. At this stage of my career, swag is very low on my list of priorities. When I own a house, I will think about swanky wheels. Till then, it’s Cam and I. I named him Cam after the character in the TV show Modern Family. He was so feisty when I first drove him. More powerful than I expected. For the first month or so he drove me rather the other way around.

I bought him second hand. His first owner was also a woman. He was 3 years old but still looked and smelled like new. As his new owner, my license was about 2 weeks old….about the same age as my driving skills. I’m ashamed to say I have bruised and scratched my Cam here and there (a lot less than you would expect in Johannesburg though) but I love him all the more. His little scars all carry a memory. We have been to church, dates, hockey matches, huge nights out, girlfriends’ houses, braais, everywhere…..we have made a lot of memories.

This weekend he started coughing and wheezing and most worrying of all, spluttering. Maybe he’s punishing me for the fact that I haven’t washed him for weeks. *sigh* and so I took him to the car doctor today….. I feel like I’m missing a limb.

“In a sense the car has become a prosthetic, and though prosthetics are usually for injured or missing limbs, the auto-prosthetic is for a conceptually impaired body or a body impaired by the creation of a world that is no longer human in scale.”  ~ Rebecca Solnit

I can’t wait to get him back… it’s only been an hour since I dropped him off. I wasn’t expecting to have to leave him so I had to suffer through the smiles of the courteous and very polite staff as I tried to discreetly remove my bra and hair clips from the dash board and my copy of “fifty shades of grey” from under the front seat and red heels from the boot. I blushed fifty shades of chocolate. I can only imagine what they were thinking….. *hides face*