You have such strong words at command, that they make the smallest argument seem formidable ~ George Elliot
I find nothing sexier than a person who can speak and write eloquently though I would still feel a tingle for one who can do only one of the two. Something about words strung together perfectly with a sprinkling of wit, and as a special treat, an added dash of humour, makes me go weak at the knees. I can’t imagine I would be able to say no in any shape or form to a person like that.
Luckily for me (and my chastity) such people are becoming a truly endangered species. Social networks have forever changed the way people communicate. I am just not certain the change is for the better. I can understand that a tweet can not exceed 140 characters. There are only two options….either shorten the words or be extremely clever about what you want to say. The vast majority has gone with shortening words. “You” became “u.” “By the way” became “btw.” “I will be right back” has become “brb.” I can reconcile myself with this……For the most part, I can work out what a person is saying. I have even started using some of these acronyms too. I can’t deny that it’s convenient to quickly type out “brb” and drop your phone when you are in a hurry.
What I don’t get is taking this to the next level in emails, on whatsapp and everyday language. I suppose it has become too much work for our busy generation to type words in full, to spell correctly or to construct grammatically correct sentences. Perhaps that is the price of technological advancement. I can accept that….
What I can not accept is a grown man who responds “ayyyyyt” (please note that the correct spelling of this word has the same number of letters). A friend who texts me “how’s wek?” REALLY?!! “Work” is clearly just too much work to type. I added the punctuation by the way. This is a person with an accounting degree. Mr Degree in Music or something similar texts “it would be dope to see you today.” You don’t say! You are knocking on 30’s door and you use the word “dope.”
When people or ex lovers fight on public forums like twitter (let’s not even try to understand why they can not fight at home), I can not help but notice how quickly it all degenerates into swear words and posting of “naked pictures” and screen-munching old chats. Perhaps this is the new way of expressing one’s anger. Perhaps just expressing your anger in a sentence is not enough anymore… I can think of a few things that would scar me psychologically much more than “f@%* you”  ever could. But that’s just me.
I am not looking for the ultimate wordsmith who will speak to me in Shakespearean English or who uses words so big that a dictionary must take up room in my bag….. I just want a conversation with a well spoken person. It’s something I appreciate.
Eloquence is the poetry of prose….. and I just love poetry.