“Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it…”
After a trial here and an error there in the world of dating, I worked out roughly what I am looking for in a man. I figured out that having a rough idea of what I need is useful mainly because I wont know I have found gold if I don’t know what it looks like…. right? right!
This list of mine, which exists only in my head,  has categories. The shortest of which is made up of the qualities I would not compromise on. The longer section is made up of things that would be a delightful bonus. Among the things in the delightful bonus section was an attentive man. Never having dated an overly attentive man, I thought this was something I would enjoy.
Lo and behold….. I have one. And now that I do, I suddenly understand Midas’ predicament after his wish was granted. I have no doubt that at first Midas was filled with glee when he realised absolutely everything he touched would turn to gold. I mean who wouldn’t. I imagine he ran around touching everything and just hearing “ka-ching” in his mind. I am sure on lookers wondered why they couldn’t have a gift like that. He literally had million dollar hands….Then Midas had to go to the loo…and the tissue paper turned to gold! Ala! “Ka-ching” is a problem when a grown man can’t wipe himself.
I suddenly realise that an attentive man has some serious pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, a man who notices that you have had your nails done as soon as he lays eyes on you is golden. Not to mention all the other things he notices. When I look good he does not hesitate to compliment me again and again. Its good for a girl’s soul to be appreciated…. However, at this point the factory fault in this model man presents itself. They forgot to tell him he must keep quiet or even just be tactful when I don’t look as good. Ai! This man of mine is as vocal about what he dislikes as he is about what he likes. I have never had a man who weighs in on my hair and clothes choices like this. Whether its going his way or not he always has me in stitches.
I got braids a month ago. He loved them. He loves braids. He touched them again and again. Complimented me again and again. Exactly four weeks later….”babe, your hair is tired. ” hahahahahahaha “really?!” One week I wore a black pencil dress to church (he loves structured items)….compliments galore. The next I wore a floral girly skater dress that I absolutely love…… I don’t believe he prayed at all! I have my dress to thank for drawing him away from God. Needless to say he didn’t keep his opinion to himself.
I would be remiss if I do not say his quirks (this one included) make me like him more. I have also learnt that revenge is best served floral. Of course, I never hesitate to wear what makes me happy even if he hates it but I am finding that when you pray for things, you need to be very specific lest you get exactly what you wish for.