“A hard thing about business is minding your own”
Every now and then something that has absolutely nothing to do with me bothers me. In other words in some situations, I struggle to mind my own business. There. I said it. Of course, I know how to keep the fact that I am minding another’s business to myself but boy does my mind get busy sometimes. What shames me is that  the things that catch my attention are matters of little or no consequence….. like now. *hangs head in shame*
I know a beautiful woman in her early thirties. She is absolutely beautiful. She dresses impeccably. I would go so far as to say she is one of the most well dressed women I know. One day I want to be able to put myself together like she does. Granted we are more acquaintances than friends but there is a lot about her I admire. The thing is she has a peculiar personality quirk that drives me crazy. She acts and talks like she’s three when the mood takes her… and the mood takes her often. She cocks her head to the side and speaks in a little girl voice much like one of my favourite 3 year olds especially when she is asking for something. She swings her arms when she walks like she is in a playground and almost throws her legs in the manner that goes with arm swinging. Depending on her mood it could be the playground skip or the sulky “mum won’t buy me chocolate” walk. When she sits she slouches so far as to put her head on her desk sometimes or holds her head in her palm like those bored high school kids in class in movies.  She also eats baby formula type of cereal….. which is perfectly fine unless you are licking out of the lunchbox like she does at times. It boggles my mind…..despite the fact that it shouldn’t.
Perhaps it was cute when she was 21 going on 16 and perhaps other people still find it cute but I find it very disturbing when a 30 year old woman behaves in such a manner. The way you sit, speak and conduct yourself sends a message to those around you. In some environments, like the office, perception means a lot. When a person behaves like that I really struggle to take them seriously but then again who died and made me queen….. *grabs nose and firmly sticks it back in place*