The only source of knowledge is experience ~ Albert Einstein

My friend, seeing that I have been extremely stressed decided to gift me a spa day. It was an early birthday present. *clears throat* You may or may not remember that I grew up in a rural teeny weeny town (mentioned here). For that reason such things have completely passed me by. Even when I started travelling and when I moved to the big city it never occurred to me to even go to a spa. I suppose I worked out my own coping mechanisms along the way. So when my lovely friend happily announced we were going on a spa day I really wasn’t sure how to feel or what to expect.

The day ran from 0800 to 1700 and every minute was scheduled. It was freezing cold so you can imagine as I got up to prepare to head there my thoughts were not rosy. Something along the lines of “Really, why can’t I relax in my own warm bed, in my own house on this cold morning for free!” When we got there they handed us steaming hot cups of something that had an exotic sounding name at the door…. when I tasted it however…. it really tasted like hot raspberry flavoured water lol. It could be the bush in me speaking. They had a breakfast spread to end all breakfast spreads. I instantly forgave the early morning. They had an endless troop of waitresses coming to take your drink order. aaaah… to be waited on hand and foot. I liked it.

First up was the head, shoulder and neck massage. The young lady poured a large amount of oil in her hand and then reached for my weave wearing head….. ummmm no! I asked her politely, honey, are you planning to put that oil in my weave? I didn’t even say my hair. I needed her to understand what I was saying. It didn’t help that I was watching another woman getting the exact same treatment and her tracks were exposed for all to see. The white and Indian ladies around her were fighting valiantly, albeit in vain, not to stare. No, thank you. I settled for a temple, neck and shoulder massage.

They scrubbed the skin on my legs,arms, hands and feet to within an inch of its life with an oily sugar like substance. I was very intrigued but I kept my curiosity to myself lest my bushness caused me to be ridiculed. Then came something I did not see coming. I went for a full body scrub, I got in to find a bed in the middle of the room covered with a clear plastic sheet. A bronze open shower at the end of the room and a low hanging heater with its red bars blazing hanging low over the bed. It really looked like a serial killer’s paradise lol. I think I watch way too much Criminal Minds. I am certain however, that serial killers don’t give you a disposable paper g-string to wear. I actually laughed out loud. I couldn’t pretend. The girl scrubbed me yet again (At this point I’m sure I was losing living skin cells. The dead ones were long gone)  and then slathered me with pink mud….everywhere and then wrapped me with the plastic and left me under the heater! Lordy Lord, I think that’s how being slow cooked feels. When eventually I was unwrapped I couldn’t hit the shower fast enough….. My skin felt amazingly smooth but it was quite sore to touch for a while after.

Because I couldn’t help myself I pulled aside a friendly therapist and asked if I could buy the sugary scrub and how much it cost. She cracked me up with her response. “Buy it for what?! You want to waste money don’t you!!!! Go buy supermarket sugar and mix it with an oil you like finish!” LOL! #priceless. The woman was just dishing out trade secrets for free.

The day was choke full of new experiences. The warm  rocks on my back were amazing…. of course that was after the therapist accidentally put an extremely hot one right in the middle of my back and I bucked like a horse. My scrubbed and slow cooked skin couldn’t take it hahahaha

All in all it was a lovely day.  It was an endless supply of food, drinks and people touching me everywhere lol. privacy who? Definitely an experience one must have at least once. I am not too sure I would do it again and I am certain disposable g-strings don’t appeal to me! But I learnt a thing or two about taking care of my skin and their products (supermarket sugar or not) smelled amazing. My back pain is also completely gone. I am very thankful to my friend for the lovely gift. A new experience is a priceless gift.