“I love a woman’s curves, her shape, particularly nude. I really do enjoy that. And you should know that I’m a fan of lingerie, I mean more than most men. Kiki De Montparnasse and Agent Provocateur, I know all the names. (An ideal woman) naked under a trench coat except for some Cosabella underwear and Jimmy Choo shoes.” ~ Usher Raymond 

At about 2am on Sunday morning I was lying awake looking at the ceiling #insomniaissues. Eventually boredom drove me to scroll down my facebook wall to see what was happening elsewhere in the world. I came across this post from one of my male facebook friends:
“Just a tip before you head out, apparently matching lingerie is one of the biggest turn ons to the male species. Have a #sexysaturday”
Then I remembered laughing till I cried when I read one guy’s views on lingerie on twitter. I am paraphrasing slightly but he wrote:

 “women have no idea what power they hold when it comes to their lingerie game. This girl messed with my head when she put her game down on me. I planned to visit her for a weekend and when she opened the door she had nothing on but black lingerie and heels. What’s a man to do? Two weeks later, I was still there. Man she had me undoing hair, doing dishes and helping with the laundry. Whatever she wanted I did. Her game had me confused.”

A lot of guys agreed strongly and colourfully with this guy’s views. This confirms what we have known all along: women see with their hearts and minds and men see with their eyes! All this hard work in the wee hours brought me to a simple conclusion….. my lingerie wardrobe is in dire need of an update.