“I give you this to take with you:Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”  ~  Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters

I moved to a new apartment yesterday. The past few days have been a flurry of activity. Washing walls, shampooing carpets, scrubbing the oven and an accidental closet clean-up. Man! I am a hoarder! I have always had an inkling that I am not very good at throwing things away. I always think that maybe it will come in handy later on. The only thing most of that stuff was good for was making my move a nightmare. After 4 years of staying at the same place, I am mortified by the amount of junk I squirrelled away 😀

I had so many clothes I don’t, can’t and wont wear anymore. It’s no wonder I never have anything to wear. Its because my closet is full of unwearable items from 19oldschool! I still have my high school uniform and towel set!!!!! Really. Who does that. *shaking my head at myself*  I packed most of it and shipped it off to those who might need it. The rest went into the trash. By the time all my stuff was in the new apartment all I could do was flop down in the nearest clear space and eat like I had never seen food before.
This moving business is just too much like hard work. My body is protesting in the strongest possible terms. Of course it could be because I played 3 hockey games in three nights after work this week in addition to moving. This body that I abuse will one day turn on me *sigh*
Now to unpack and set up the new place….