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“mens sana in copore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) ~ my high school’s motto
A healthy mind in a healthy body. A while ago I did a post on fitness (here). Because my mind is far from healthy ;-), I normally work particularly hard to stay fit. I figured I might as well get half of the motto right. However, lately I have fallen off the fitness wagon.
I am determined to get my fitness back for 2 reasons:
1. Its the latter end of hockey season and I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to work extra hard on my fitness on and off the pitch for the past couple of months. I am now paying the price. In my last couples of games I noticed that I huffed and puffed a little more than usual. This is a major problem because my value to the team lies in my ability to run for 70 solid minutes without ever slowing down. Everyone trusts me to cover everyone on my side of the field because they trust my ability to. I don’t like to feel like a disappointment.
2. This is an entirely selfish reason. Up until a couple of months ago, I was the proud owner of abs to shame most athletes. I sported a full, well defined 6 pack. I noticed when my abs became less defined but I wasn’t really bothered until last week. I looked at myself in the mirror and lo and behold…. there was nothing there. *the horror*
That was all the inspiration I needed to get off the couch. As someone who was generally considered chubby throughout high school and varsity, fitness is something I should not dare take for granted. Being fit gave my confidence a boost I never had before. Getting fit or getting fitness back is much harder than maintaining it so I have noone to blame but myself and my tendency to procrastinate. Everyone in my immediate and extended family is big save for my brother and I. My brother plays hockey as well. Noone else in our family exercises and they dont believe in running unless they are being chased lol. Its not in our genes to be slim. If my family is anything to go by I will find myself very big if I don’t make an effort.
I have gone straight into problem solving mode and I have implemented an intense 21 day fitness plan. My goal is to tone up and up my fitness levels without losing weight. Today is day 4. In these 21 days the plan is simple… hydrate, exercise and no alcohol. I would add only eat when hungry but I can guarantee that as soon as I decide that, I will feel hungry all the time. So instead I will say no eating out.
My long term plan is 12 weeks broken into three 4 week plans. This is my workout plan for week 1-4 from the physio:
Over the first 21 days I will do core exercises during the rest days as well. I also do only half the tricep dips and bicep curls because my arms are very toned as it is. I don’t want to end up looking like I could punch a person out. This was my mean looking right arm last year before I learnt to limit arm exercises last year:

Progress Report
Its Day 4 and the increased water intake has had an immediate effect. My skin feels less dry. I didn’t expect results so quickly. I generally have dryish lips and that’s also improved significantly. I am also more certain than ever that I don’t like the taste of water. I have to force myself to drink it. I am drinking approximately 6 glasses a day excluding tea and other beverages.  
The general feeling of being tired, bloated and out of sync is also almost gone. I think I am still in the “un-doing damage” phase. There is no physical change yet.