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Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity ~ John F Kennedy

Here is a super quick update. Between day 4 and 6 I almost stopped working out. My back was really killing me and aside from feeling a little better overall, I wasn’t really feeling like I was achieving anything. For a day or so I thought my tummy looked like it was actually getting bigger (about that time when people start giving you the side eye like you are pregnant smh). Not only that, drinking so much water meant I was spending a ridiculous amount of time peeing. I was well on my way to feeling demotivated. It didn’t help that last weekend was a long weekend and I ate so much food that I felt guilty about the kids in Sudan. It felt like I ate their share as well. Not only that! I washed it all down with alcohol *sigh* So much for no alcohol.
I talked myself into taking one day of rest and working out what was causing the back pain and then I continued. The backpain was a result of the fact that I was doing my core exercises on the floor. The surface was too hard and I was forcing my back to absorb the pressure. I got a mat and started exercising on that. Pure bliss. bye bye backpain.
So far this week, I definitely feel and see the physical difference. Last week I would have to push myself to finish the last set of situps etc. I even had to take a break a few times before continuing. This week I have done them all consistently with no break. I still need extra effort at the end but its not like last week. Hockey training yesterday was intense but so awesome. 2 hours flew by. I didn’t really feel I was getting tired until the last half hour which is a huge improvement.
Whatever was going on with my tummy seems to have resolved itself. Its deflated. Hallelujah! I can see the outline of my six pack but I still have a long way to go to define it. (by the way, when I say “define” I don’t mean I want to look like musclewoman, I just mean a clear outline of my abs that’s firm but still feminine).  Water still tastes awful and I am not drinking it consistently which means fewer bathroom breaks *yay*. I feel far more energetic and my mind is much clearer. Getting out of bed in the morning is also a tad easier.
Aluta continua….