I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.~ William Shakespeare
I can’t believe it’s September already! This is delightful and awful all at once. Delightful because despite the ups and downs of this year, it has been one of the best years I have had so far. I have plenty to thank God for. Awful because my thesis is far from done. In fact it is completely neglected. If I flip the pages the dust might just give me an asthma attack #smh. That’s how bad it is. Very shameful indeed.  I am tired of champagne taste and beer money. Therefore, it is imperative that come salary reviews in December, my thesis should be complete and ready for me to present to the bosslady as motivation for a significant increase (a girl can hope). So I’m dusting off those pages (inhaler in hand) and dedicating the next few months to that. If I blog a little less please know I am in pursuit of bucks…. It’s definitely for the greater good. I now see that if I sit back, I will find myself out of time that I can’t afford. Come 2014, I intend to afford my tastes and a little more (God. I beg that You work your magic in my purse #amen).
One day you will hear the sound of time rustling as it slips through your fingers like sand.~Sergei Lukyanenko