hartees sunset

This past weekend I had my travelling shoes on again and I went to Hartbeespoort Dam for a friend’s 30th birthday do. I snapped the photo above as the sun was setting. The photo doesn’t really do the place justice. Hartees (as it’s commonly referred to) is open to all people for a small fee. It’s currently R60 per person and R60 per vehicle. you can kayak, swim, braai (barbecue), launch your little boat or just hang out. It’s a great place for a day out. The downside is you can’t really play loud music unless you are a bit removed from the rest of the people there. You know there will always be people whose sole purpose in life is to complain about how much fun you are having lol. The other con is that every now and then (as dams tend to do) the place randomly stinks lol. It’s particularly a summer hazard. Braai stands are provided and there are a few shops nearby(outside the dam area) if you need anything. It’s prudent to pack all the drinks and food you will need before heading out. Don’t forget your charcoal and lighters. There are a couple of swings and jungle gyms for kids and you can pay for a quick boat cruise across the dam. The toilets smell awful but the view at any time of the day makes up for it..

Hartbeespoort Dam is an arch type dam situated in the North West Province of South Africa. It lies in a valley to the south of the Magaliesberg mountain range and north of the Witwatersberg mountain range, about 35 kilometers west of Pretoria. Wikipedia
The original owner of the farm ‘Hartbeespoort’ was General Hendrick Schoeman.
A cross in his memory is visible on a small hill on the Johannesburg side of the dam.
General Schoeman’s farm now rests beneath the waters of Hartbeespoort Dam.
Early work on the dam began around late 1895.
Construction was on and off over the years up until 1923 when a young engineer took over the building of the wall.
The Dam was constructed in 1925.
The Crocodile and Magalies Rivers led into the Dam.
The Dam’s capacity is 205 million cubic metres and its shoreline, when full, is about 56km.
The Hartbeespoort Dam was built as an irrigation dam for the surrounding agricultural areas.
The Dam Wall is the only example of a Roman Triumphal Arch Styled Wall in South Africa.
Hartbeespoortdam is the second most-visited destination in South Africa.
Surrounded by the majestic Magaliesburg Mountains, the dam is a very popular weekend getaway.
one of the prime braai spots
It’s difficult to see clearly but there’s a pier into the water up to where the green ends. There are gaps between the planks and you can see the water underneath.