“Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder.”  ~   Tierney Gearon

This past weekend the boyfriend and I found ourselves at a birthday do where all the attendees were couples. It was very cute and cheesy and we felt very grown up. Just saying that out loud puts me right back at square one doesn’t it? Maturity seems to be work in progress for me lol.

So we got to talking to another awesome couple and I unexpectedly got a sneak peek into my other’s mind. The conversation turned to co-habiting prior to marriage. It’s something a lot of people do nowadays. My other rather likes the idea (no big surprise there) and I am adamant that it will never happen. Then he turns to the other guy to plead his case and says “she doesn’t realise there are things about her I need to adjust to in advance. For example, every time the world sees her and I see her, she looks amazing. I went to check on her at her house last night and she was wearing oversized track pants, my t-shirt and a thing on her head! I was so shocked. It hit me from all angles man.” He even shuddered! LOL.

Man! I nearly fell off my seat laughing. All of us were in stitches. While he is not winning this debate with that lame argument I realised for the umpteenth time that men are visual creatures. To see me looking less than the standard I have set for myself over the course of our relationship actually made an impression on him and it didn’t even register as a bleep on my radar. I rather like track pants *shrugs*. It does him good to see that I am human but it is something I will keep in mind for when I get married and lounge around the house.

Be that as it may, I wish to place on record that when a woman has a freak accident at work (a drinking glass jumped off the table by itself because the floor is slanted and cut right down to the bones on my foot) and is limping heavily with neat blue stitching decorating said foot, track pants, thing on the head and boyfriend’s reassuring smell is definitely the right outfit of the day 😉