“Accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong right time.” 

Things have escalated rather quickly in the past day or two. Turns out my foot injury was a little more serious than the casualty doctor realised. She stitched over unrepaired damage resulting in severed tendons being covered up. Put simply, my toes aren’t working and I have a certain doctor in my cross hairs. Tomorrow a ridiculously expensive specialist surgeon will open up my foot and play hide, seek and reattach with my tendons for about an hour. I am a tad nervous but people have lived through brain tumours right? right!

Ok, I’m lying. I’m plenty nervous.

The recovery time alone has my nerves in tatters. 2 weeks on crutches with a splint. 4 weeks thereafter in a moonboot then physiotherapy. No hockey. No heels and no normal shoes. Oh and no driving for 6 weeks. I am prepping my game face as I type.


All things going well, I should be back to blog trawling by Monday. Wish me luck and pop me into a prayer or two.

ps – clearly the shoe purchase diet is now an involuntary reality lol. I really must learn to be careful what I wish for.