Because of my limited mobility at present, I can not exercise properly. This is the first time in years that I am unable to work out (It’s messing with my head I tell you. That and the size of my inbox on my return to work). As such, I have to be extra careful about what I am putting into my mouth. Over the remaining month or so of recovery my aim is not to undo years of hard work I have put into my body. With holiday get togethers and family lunches to sabotage me, you will find that I will talk more about healthy eating habits and I will also share blog posts such as this. Here’s how to spot the issue when stress is running your diet….

In order for our nervous system to truly relax, so do we! If we don’t, our stress can destroy our health.  The body is CLEVER. When your body feels danger (like being attacked by a woolly bear or being screamed at by your boos) – the part of the brain that controls fear doesn’t know the difference.  And so our repair mechanisms within the body that kill cancer cells, fight infections and yes, my favourite, slow the ageing process, shut down during periods of stress.  And how many of us are actually stressed all day long……?!

Eating the right foods plays a huge part in managing stress levels and is one of the easiest ways to manage your stress. Eating wholesome and healthy foods will boost serotonin levels which calms the brain. Health foods also build up the immune system and lowers blood pressure which both contribute towards your stress…

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