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A few weeks ago, to celebrate the fact that I could walk again after the surgery, we went to the Lion Park. I did not expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. Seeing lions from the safety of the car with the windows rolled up  up close and personal was an incomparable experience. There were lots of other animals around but you would never guess it from the photos I took lol. I was focused on the king of the jungle. I took all the photos in this post except for the ones in which I am cavorting with the white lion cubs sporting my unfashionable moonboot. You will also notice that there is a certain giraffe who doesn’t believe in being ignored. She walked right into the tented restaurant and tried to take food from my plate much to the delight of all the patrons. I was having a burger. Turns out she likes bread so the manager coaxed her out with an entire loaf….of course she came back in under 30 minutes lol. The restaurant has very reasonably priced and tasty food despite its somewhat shoddy appearance. Entrance to the park for a game drive where you drive yourself in your own car is R150. If you want to play with the cubs afterwards it’s R180. It’s good bang for your buck.

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