While making my way to work this morning I listened to my favourite breakfast show as usual. Two random things stood out for me that I had to share.

First, the DJ said “there is nothing like a mosquito landing on a man’s testicles to make him realise that violence is not the only solution.” I had to chuckle at how true that is. Someone please send the memo to the countless people waging senseless wars; the countless people beating their wives and children and to a select number of individuals  in the Kenyan Parliament. That last category of people has been busy in the past year or so.

Last year, Nairobi governor H.E Evans Kidero slapped the Nairobi Women representative Shebesh. That was a shock to me. I remember watching the video and thinking, “Wow. There will be a massive public outcry over this.” There wasn’t. What shocked me even more were the opinions of many of my educated friends who are natives of that country, male and female alike,  on the subject. In short, “she deserved it.” As an outsider who is not well versed in the social context there, it was very difficult for me to comprehend so  I kept quiet. As if that wasn’t enough, I came across the article below. Please note the descriptive language.

Nairobi Governor Evans Slaps Rachel Shebesh

Here’s an extract:

It now emerges that Nairobi Women representative who led goons to Nairobi governor H.E Evans Kidero’s office had extremely provoked the governor by hitting him just below the belt (balls). It is alleged that the governor was busy calming down the marauding Shebesh thugs when Shebesh hit the governor with her oversize knee.

In a tweet blogger Robert Alai offers a confirmation that indeed Kidero was hit by the politically manner-less lady

“One of Kidero’s bodyguards and an aide have confirmed that #Shebesh hit Kidero’s balls with her knees. This is BAAD!! Don’t ever try hitting a man’s strongholds “

By Kidero denying that he has no recollection of slapping Shebesh, he is simply protecting Shebesh, he should tell the full story if indeed Shebesh hit him, it is obvious the good governor only reacted in self-defense if at all he did slap the fat 49 year old woman from Kiambu.

Meanwhile majority of Kenyans feel nothing for hon Shebesh as she is known for her goonish character, she has had a rough past with prominent personalities, she has no decorum, she once had issues with Ida Odinga and during Uhuru’s swearing in she was allegedly thrown out of statehouse by Uhuru’s mum former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Shebesh has been allegedly linked to a child custody tussle and involvement with a young man.

Kidero should walk tall, no apologies for that which did not happen, it is a fact if Shebesh tried storming State house with goons behind her to protest over anything she would be shot!.

Apart from the fact that this article insults the woman to a point where one has to question the objectivity (and journalism qualifications) of the writer, how are her child custody battle and personal relationships relevant. As for the poor governor who can’t remember the slap to protect the woman he slapped (*claps once*)… the video is just Google away.

Then there was this story: Kenyan Female MP slapped in parliament chaos

“A female Member of Parliament was slapped and another splashed with water on the face by an irate male colleague, as chaos erupted in the National Assembly yesterday over an attempt to divert money meant for the schools laptops programme to pay teachers.”

Then the coup de grace: Slapped Kenya MC sacked

“As if he was not satisfied with the humiliation and pain of being publicly slapped for merely mistakenly introducing the first lady, the Kenya government added salt to the injury by sacking Francis Musyimi as a principal administrative secretary in the Office of the President.

Musyimi was slapped by Lucy Kibaki at a public function last week when the former introduced the latter as Lucy Wambui, a woman believed to be the second wife to President Mwai Kibaki. The incident took everyone, including diplomats, cabinet ministers and other important dignitaries, by surprise. 

Overcome by pain, embarrassment and anger, the slapped officer officiating the state function left the scene. He was immediately arrested and taken to an unknown destination before being stripped of his position.”

I am so busy throwing out examples I almost forgot about the 2nd thing I heard on radio today. Its been raining constantly these past few days so the roads are a hot mess. The breakfast express team announced that a woman hit a pothole on a certain road and had a flat tyre somewhere in Northwold. They said “if there’s a man out there who wants to be a hero this morning, please help Jackie on Elnita.” 3 minutes later Jackie’s tyre was being changed by a woman who heard the announcement while sitting in her home about a 100 metres away and went to change the tyre in the pouring rain. How’s that to restore faith in human beings and to remind me that I need to learn to change a tyre. I can’t resist adding, a little tongue in cheek, that perhaps next time they should say “if there is a  person out there…”