“And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” ~ Lady Gaga

I love fashion and I love style. It makes me happy to look good (and at times a little shamelessly eccentric). Often, a well dressed random stranger in the mall will catch my eye. I find myself admiring how they have put their outfit together and wondering if I can try it and whether I would look half as good in it if I did. Nothing relaxes me more than blog trawling through a few fashion blogs and wondering why I’m not clever with colours, textures and combinations like some of the folks out there. Well dressed people please me.

By the same token, I am also well aware of the things I don’t like. In fact, if fashion wasn’t up to the people who actually know about it like the high-powered fashion magazine editors, the trend setters, the design powerhouses, the fashion aficionados and was up to a plebeian like me, I suspect I would change a few things.

At the top of the list, aside from wearing meat as clothing when I could be it cooking and eating it in this economy, would be the business of shaving eyebrows off completely and then drawing them back on. I just don’t get it. Why remove your brow just so you can draw it back on. Does the bold pencil look better than an actual eyebrow. I can’t speak for the world but it certainly freaks me out a little when I am speaking to someone with drawn on eyebrows. I have to remind myself not to stare. It gets a little bit hard to look away when the eyebrows are drawn in the wrong place and all facial expressions look a lot like surprise. It’s like watching an accident happen… I just can’t look away.

eyebrows 2eyebrowseyebrows 3

Next on my fashion hit-list is the widely abused myth that leggings are pants. They are not pants and this is why:leggings-zijn-geen-broeken-nsmbl-17

leggings no no 3leggings no no 2If the camel toe and G-strings  and general TMI haven’t sold you on this idea, here’s the “tights are not pants manifesto.”


Then there’s this…. bad lace front wigs. *sigh*

I have never worn a lace front wig but I have seen women who wear them and look absolutely stunning….and those who don’t. If you are going to spend that kind of money on your hair, then it is essential that you get the right product and have it installed by a person with the requisite skill otherwise your investment may end up looking like these divas:


When it comes to men, one thing stands out above all others…. saggy pants and peeping boxers. I often wonder why a grown man would want to walk around looking like he needs a diaper change. *shrugs* who can fathom such?


Finally, just so I can live up to the stereotype that a woman can never be truly satisfied…..I can’t deal with extremely tight colourful Howard Wolowitz pants on men either. There. I said it.

No Howard….No.