A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work. ~ Morris Fishbein

Am I the only person who thinks there is such a thing as too much vacation time. We have had a long weekend every weekend in South Africa for about 5 weeks in a row and we have one more to go. Last week was a 2 day week! Jeepers! Can we space these things out a little lol. The year is long yet. I was exhausted though so I was grateful for the break.

Anyway, like most people in SA, I took the opportunity to go away during one of these long weekends. I didn’t want to go too far from Johannesburg but I just needed a little bit of fresh air not a full-blown vacation. I settled on Magaliesburg. It was every bit as refreshing as I hoped it would be so I thought I would share the places and things I think you should try if you are ever in my neck of the woods.

We stayed at Nullabor Cottages and it was a little piece of paradise. If you are into partying and lots of people, this place is not for you. This is for people like me who relish alone time and real peace and quiet. When I say quiet, I mean silence. No traffic. No people. They don’t even have a reception. If you really need something you can call the lady on her cellphone. It is highly unlikely that you will though because they have everything from whiskey glasses, heaters and if you are feeling particularly rustic, the fireplace is already laid for you, electric blankets, extra blankets in the cupboard, TV (you know I need to watch my soccer), braai (as barbecues are called down here)area, firewood, you name it, it’s there. They have made sure that it’s just you and your travelling companion unless you choose otherwise. It was perfection.



From this place, there are a lot of activities within striking distance (if you are willing to drive up 80km like us then there are even more). One of those things is the Aerial Cableway in Hartbeespoort. This was an entirely new experience for me and I can categorically say…. I am terrified of heights. The view at the top was totally stunning. It completely made up for the fact that I endured my fear.


20140503_114235 IMG-20140503-WA0000[1]



After this we went to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve and taking this photo was my favourite moment:


By the way, it was as hot and as dusty as it looks. Can you believe I had never seen a live rhino?! #thehorror

Last but not least, we went down into the third largest cave in South Africa… the wondercave. It’s 80m deep. Its dark. It’s damp. It’s magnificent. It was discovered by a bunch of Italians traipsing through Africa and they stayed a couple of centuries to mine calcium. You have to walk down 87 very steep steps at a 45 degree angle and then take a lift the rest of the way down. It’s that deep. The formations in there are stunning and the guides were amazing.

20140504_132443 20140504_131826 20140504_132956



Last and definitely not least, on our way home, we brought the car to a screeching halt when we spotted this beauty randomly walking behind a fence:

20140504_151813 20140504_151733

He was so stunning, I actually sat on the ground and went nuts with the camera. He’s only 2 years old and he is ginormous! What an incredible bonus.