“It’s the invention of clothes, not nature, that made “private parts” private.” ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Please be advised that this is a judgment free zone.

As a woman who is attracted to men, I feel short-changed by male celebrities. Female celebrities go out of their way in sexiness stakes. Seriously, Rihanna is a hot woman and we all know what she looks like naked. All men and women who are attracted to women have countless shots to drool over now. We have a pretty good idea what Beyoncé looks like mostly naked. I could easily pick Niki Minaj’s bum from a line-up. After all, I see it every time I switch on the telly.

I loooove Richard Gere but all I can draw you is his face and hair *sigh.* Can’t say I have seen much else. That Dean Winchester boy in Supernatural should be hunting ghosts half-naked like he’s fresh out of the jungle. I am sure the view would up the show’s ratings. Instead, the boy is running around in both a shirt and a jacket every single time #smh. So what do I get when women are strutting their sexiest barely clothed assets on the red carpet? Men in suits that cover everything from the ankle to the neck. Seriously. Where is this petition being signed? We need to fix this.

Once in a while, the movies throw a girl a bone and you get stuff like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike or Sam Winchester in Season 5 of Supernatural. and Chris Brown performing “Take You Down” at the Grammys before a mean kid drew all over him with a black crayon… a total droolfest. More often than not though, you have some anonymous hot mama gyrating her naked self happily through at least one scene in every movie. I object! I am not a lawyer for nothing. Can we put this right to equality to good use and completely and shamelessly objectify more men.

I think the comedian Sommore, was on to something when she said “for my movie dollars I need to see if Wesley is nestley and damn it Denzel had better swell. F*** your bling bling N***a can you swing swing?”