“Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes — these so called “lifestyle” diseases have infiltrated every strata of black society.”

My friends are having a terrible year health-wise. The last 2 weeks have been particularly trying because one of my closest friends, at the ripe old age of 29 suffered a massive heart attack. To quote his cardiologist, he is alive only because he was young and relatively fit. By all indications, he should have died.

This is just a few weeks after I read this article on the Destiny Magazine website.

What’s killing black men?

This article is a must read for black men and women alike.

There are diseases that have always been regarded as “white people” illnesses. That category of diseases is sometimes referred to as lifestyle diseases. What our generation has failed to take into account, with fatal consequences, is that we no longer lead a significantly different lifestyle from our white counterparts. We eat the same food and work the same jobs. We earn similar salaries and can afford the same luxuries. As a result, the health playing field has been levelled. Now, we get the same diseases.

What we have failed to do is to adjust our lifestyles accordingly. Waiting for news while the surgeons performed bypass surgery on what I thought was a healthy young man, brought this reality home to me. He just came out of ICU now and he is stable and the truth is that could have been any one of my friends. It could have been me.

Granted, I am a very fit young woman but I have no regard for what goes into my mouth. If I want it, I eat it. It’s time to reconsider my philosophy. It’s time for most of us to. I will start to do some real work on that fitness page that I created and never used.

The lesson: Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account ~ Anne Wilson Schaef