I believed in studying just because I knew education was a privilege. It was the discipline of study, to get into the habit of doing something that you don’t want to do. ~ Wynton Marsalis

I have been awol lately. I never thought I would come to a point where I had no time to blog #thehorror.

Board exams are approaching again and this time I need to put a little more effort into the accounting subject. That paper was ridiculously hard for me last time. I like to think that anything and everything can only hurt me once then I was wise up pretty fast. Unfortunately, wising up means forfeiting a lot of the fun stuff like blogging, sleeping and loafing. Is anything better than sleep really?

What I can never avoid however, is the stuff my boss plans for me. Most recently, she planned for a couple of colleagues and I to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to meet with an image consultant. I am certain that now that I am meeting the odd important person here and there, she considers my fashion choices a  risk 😀

So off I went to meet with Chata Romano: the complete image solution people who believe “how you look is how you feel.” Did I sound sarcastic just there? It was unintentional. Their website is full of cheesy stuff like that so it’s not my fault. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t interested in body bashing and being told all about my flaws. For some reason, I had the impression that body image consultants would focus on trying to make me look like a magazine person rather than myself.

I was wrong.

It turned out to be quite an education. They focused, not on my flaws, but on my strengths. They gave me a colour sheet with the colours that would work best with my skin for clothes, makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, blush etc). They gave me advice on what skirt lengths would best compliment my legs. Very long skirts work because they cover my entire leg. My ankles are a bit on the thin side. Midi skirts are NOT for me. In fact, they make me look like I have chicken legs. The best part of my leg is my calf so my skirts should be knee-length or barely above the knee for work. Because I am a sports person, I have runner thighs so I can’t wear skirts that are say 5cm above the knee without highlighting that fact. Bottom line, floor length, knee-length and very short work for me. Anything in-between looks awkward and draws attention to the wrong things.

That was how it went at every stage of the evaluation and assessment.

They also recommended that I wear richer colours because they show off my skin tone better. So Instead of beige or brown, I should wear this:


 source:chata romano

or this:


soure:chata romano

The theme for my evaluation was pretty much that I should buy the richest version of any colour and stay away from pastels. They told me the earring shapes that suit my sweetheart shaped face and the ones that do not.

After clothes, accessories and colour we came to make up. That is daunting territory for me. At the ripe old age of 29, I only learnt to wear foundation properly last year. The Consultants looked absolutely flawless (and still casual) which didn’t help my trepidation at all.

According to them, my colour palette is also rich and there are 4 makeup essentials: Foundation, Lip gloss/stick, mascara and blush. They recommended that I use the same rich spectrum of colours for my makeup. Instead of black mascara they recommended dark purple or blue. Of course I quietly thought to myself “not in this lifetime.” Turns out I was wrong. It looks beautiful and not ratchet like I imagined. I guess the old adage “don’t knock it till you try it” applies here. I drew the line at blush though….baby steps. I don’t believe makeup makes a person more beautiful but like clothes, when used correctly, it highlights our best features.

Finally they showed us how to make 45 outfit combinations from 15 basic items. That’s a whole blog post on its own.

In the end it was enlightening and I discovered that small, cheap changes make a dramatic difference to my overall appearance. Just adjusting the length of my skirts to the recommended lengths has people complimenting me unusually often. Even I can see that I have taken my wardrobe and overall appearance up a notch. I guess it was worth forfeiting my Saturday sleep-in after all.