“Begin with one thought, one intention to clean something out, and remind yourself or it & breath & try to release. With time your intention will become reality, and your spirit will feel as clean & shiny as your newly spotless garage.” ~ Jo Beth Richards 

It’s Spring!!! After the particularly biting winter cold that we had this year, I am delighted that its finally spring. Of course spring day was actually yesterday but that’s just me being me. Can I get away with “better late than never” for the umpteenth time?

With the advent of spring, a lot of us throw around the words “spring cleaning.” Usually this means sprucing up the house, putting away the winter curtains and bedding, stowing away the stockings for next winter and pulling out a flower vase of two. It’s all about making the home light and airy like the new season.

This year, instead of just spring cleaning my house, I will also spring clean my soul. There is nothing like a new season to inspire a little introspection and reflection. It’s important to be as good on the inside as we are on the outside. It’s important to drag out that stuff hidden deep inside creating winter shadows in our souls; to shake out those dusty emotions; to deal with that on going cold war; to finally call that family member or friend you have been meaning to call for months; to heal; to confront that awkward conversation that has been on the back burner and still is; to deal with the resentment that’s been building up; to learn to laugh again; to ask yourself why you are always busy; to take your love off the “for granted” shelf; to spring clean. All in all, it’s time to sweep out the unnecessary emotional clutter and make room for the light.

Its September. Most of the year is gone. Am I on track to meet the targets I have set for myself? Am I happy? Am I content? Am I working as hard as I should be? Have I saved any money? Am I living up to my true potential? Am I laughing from a deep and healthy place frequently? Am I loving like I want to be loved? Am I a good sister? Am I a good friend? Am I making time for the things in life that matter? Am I laying the right foundation for yet another year? Have I grown? Is God my number 1 priority? Am I healthy? Am I fit? How can I improve myself emotionally, spiritually and financially? Am I generous? Am I studying? Am I taking time to stop, breathe, rest and live? Most importantly, am I?

I can not over-emphasise the importance of that last question. Am I? That is the only question here that truly matters. It subsumes all the other questions I have asked under its umbrella. The truth is only the voice inside each one of us can answer it honestly because it is the only one that knows.

the voice

While answering this question, it will serves us well to also remember that: