the back up guy

source “You’re the guy she comes back to when she’s bored or between men, and as soon as she finds another…” doc love on 

As usual, I was listening to the radio on my way to work and I learnt something interesting. According to a medical journal on psychology, approximately 50% of dating women keep what is known as “the Backup Guy.”

The back up guy is not someone you cheat with. Never. He is that guy that a woman keeps on the hook with gentle nudges and teasing promise to be reeled in when Plan A crashes and burns. I imagine its like building the guy a little shelter on the border of friend zone and something more. The promise of something more is just close enough to keep him sniffing around and interested.

Even more interesting was that the study found that more often than not, the back up guy will have been in the picture for longer than the boyfriend i.e. the ex primary school mate or the guy she used to play chess with or her brother’s friend. He’s there. Your man just doesn’t see him as a threat.

I have no doubt some men have backups too. When I told my male colleague about this he replied, “Men do it too. The only difference is men have sex with the backup girl.” My opinion is if you are having sex with her, she is not a backup chick, she’s your mistress.

I can’t decide whether this is prudent or calculating? The dating world is a vicious place to be.