embarrased girl

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”~ Eleanor Roosevelt”

It was the boyfriend’s birthday a weekend or 2 ago and I decided to give him a new experience as a gift. After some diligent googling I found a place that’s just an hour away where I could take him quad biking and abseiling. I knew he would love the quad biking because I have seen how he can barely tear his eyes away when we drive past quad bikers. The abseiling… I wasn’t so sure.

It turns out that I shouldn’t have worried about him. He was beside himself with excitement. I. Was. Terrified. In Shona we call it kurumwa nechekuchera (bitten by something I voluntarily dug up). My abseiling misadventure was quite a thing. Let’s just say, I had everyone in stitches from the minute that guide told me to step out and walk down a cliff like Miss 007 to the moment I landed in raft in the crocodile river!!! I had lots to say! *hides face*

If you live in and around Gauteng/North West province and, unlike me, you are an adrenaline junkie, you might want to visit Pelinduna Adventures.  They have a lovely and efficient setup. The guide was a little late for our 09.30 meeting but we forgave him. He was awesome.  There is little restaurant on the premises that served us the best burgers and chips we have had in a long time. Everything tasted home made and delish! The restaurant owners were attentive to a fault. They checked on us regularly.

Here are a few pics. I couldn’t take too many because half the time I was holding on for dear life!


The abseiling guide: I’m sure he talked about me at the dinner table that night lol.  20141101_095600 20141101_100431 20141101_100356 20141101_101503 20141101_10403120141101_10080620141101_120248 20141101_130244

The man had an absolute blast. Took to quad biking like a fish to water.

20141101_130048  IMG-20141101-WA0010

The awesome (and super patient) guide taking me through the basics of riding a quad bike.