“Who was George Washington’s wife?” KIDS SAY

“Getting my two and a half year old daughter out of the bath one night, my wife and I were briefing her on how important it was she kept her privates clean. She casually replied “Oh, nobody ‘scroofs’ me there. They tried one night. They kicked the door in and tried but I fought back. I died and now I’m here.” She said this like it was nothing. My wife and I were catatonic.” ~ source

Before we proceed… how creepy is the story above???

Now back to mine. I got a little reminder of the old TV show, Kids Say the Darndest Things this past weekend while I was training my mini hockey players early Saturday morning.

My particular group ranged from 5 to 6 years old. All of them absolutely adorable. To do a specific drill, I asked them all to pair up. When my pairs were ready I noticed one of my babies looked really sad and almost weepy.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” I asked with concern going down on one knee so I could hug him.

“I don’t want to be partners with him,” he said nodding his head towards his partner. He was teetering on the edge of tears.

“Why not? Has he been mean to you?” I couldn’t work out what could cause such a reaction.

“He’s not the same colour as me,” he replied pointing to his arm.

My mind went completely blank. I actually didn’t know how to handle it. The boy is 6 for Pete’s sake! Where could he have picked up such nonsense? The boy is completely blind to the fact that I am also black which is the norm for kids his age. What could have made him sensitive to the colour of his peers? The answer made itself apparent almost immediately.

I didn’t make a scene. I called the head coach aside and explained what had happened. He easily repeated the statement to her. She was flabbergasted. Coincidentally, his father is not the type that hangs out with the other parents on the grand stand. He is the one who paces up and down on the side-line watching every move you make. So he walked over to us to ask what was happening. In response to being told he blurted out, “What?!? But he has black friends!”

Maybe they should do a show called parents say the darndest things and their kids listen.