confused smiley

“If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius.” ~ Larry Leissner

If the quote is anything to go by, I really am Sheldon Cooper because there are things that I simply don’t get no matter how much I apply my mind.

1. Teeny tiny cars that are:
a. ridiculously impractical;
b. consume gallons of fuel per km;
c. have no boot space (#thehorror)
d. look uncomfortable to be in; and
e. cost an arm, a leg, part of the spleen and, evidence suggests, enough brain cells to  affect day-to-day behaviour.

2. Leggings. I tried them on once and I felt naked so I took them off, put them down and walked in the opposite direction and never looked back. I see women wearing them all the time. They look pretty good in them too. I simply can’t get over that naked feeling. I must have missed a pivotal style class at some point in this life of mine.

3. Caviar. Please feel free to blame this on my lack of sophistication but I simply do not get why fish eggs are a delicacy… a very very expensive delicacy.

4. Kim Kardashian West. She is gorgeous. She has a checkered past. She is married to one of the most arrogant people on the face of the earth. She has a cute child. She has posed naked a few times. This describes a ridiculous number of women in the world today. So why is Kim a global sensation? There are people out there getting surgery to look like her. There are people who troll her every post on all social media platforms. People who are dedicated to passionately hating her. People who idolize her in the Biblical sense. People purchasing her selfies book. Seriously. A book containing nothing but selfies of the woman! I have to chuckle here. What am I missing? I am truly baffled.

5. Boomerang eyebrows. Excessively contoured faces. Snow white’s rosy red cheeks on black faces. Glued on eyelashes that look like glued on eyelashes. Enough said.

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