can-you-miss source

They say, “you can’t miss what you never had.” I believe them.

What they never tell you is this:

Can you miss the loss of something… someone…somewhere… you didnt know you had?

A fleeting presence that you missed entirely.

Does knowing it was there once upon a moment of your existence entitle you to feel ownership?

To feelings?

To a strange kind of loss?

Does it entitle you to a tear or a smile?

Confusion? Certainly.

But can you miss it?

Can you wonder what it would have been like had you known? Of course.

But can you wrap your mind around a shape you never saw?

Can you love it? What are you loving? The ghost of presence unknown?

Can you reach into the darkness to grasp …. what?

What exactly are you grasping for? A fading shadow? A wisp of a memory you never made?

Does it matter?

Does it count?

Was it really ever yours?

Now that it’s gone, can you miss it if you never knew it was there?