My brother (the youngest in our family) just launched his own blog and I had to re-blog his first post. Not only am I incredibly proud of him, his subject is about a fundamental life lesson so it falls within my genre #score 😉 . He has saved me a blog post today 🙂 “Live long and prosper” hun xxx

Orphaning Out

My imagination has always amused me. I’ve had to give myself a mental high five several times because of the sheer brilliance that goes on in my head or laugh out loud to my own musings in aisle 3 of a supermarket only to see the family next to me staring and blatantly annoyed by my sudden noise.. “hi guys” (walks swiftly away). Happens to everyone though, right? …anyone …no? ..oh

When I lost both my parents I didn’t realize that slowly I started visiting this happy place more and more until it became the place that got the majority of my attention. I would spend most of my time zoned out, deeply invested in my own thoughts, in particular, I would be thinking about my future. Surely, years later it wouldn’t still hurt this much. Perhaps I would have made sense of it all. I was fully persuaded that…

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