Small town girl. Big city life. A fugitive from the law of averages. Huge Chelsea FC Fan. Lover of high heels and rock music. Hockey Player. Fitness Fanatic. Bookworm. Lawyer. A lover of words. Zimbabwean born and raised before wandering off to chart my own course. A sinner forgiven. An African Woman.

Life has had its ups and downs for me. I have laughed till I cried. I have cried till I could cry no more. I have buried loved ones. I have loved and lost and loved again. I have grown. I have stood still. I have made friends. I have made memories. At every turn, I have found a different version of myself. At every turn I have learnt something new.

Along the way I started this blog as little reminder of a few of the moments that have made me who I am today…..a small collection of randomness because memories fade but words are forever.